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About GroGenesis

GroGenesis Inc. (GROG) aims to become a leading producer of natural plant health enhancement technologies. The Company’s flagship product AgraBurst PRO™ delivers the stimulation of yield - especially in healthy crops.

AgraBurst PROis neither a fertilizer nor a herbicide – it’s a superior plant growth technology blended from processed extracts of natural plant materials that directly improves the positive effects of commercial fertilizers and available nutrients.

"Given the drivers of global population growth combined with environmental pressures such as climate change, there is a real need to maximise the productivity of the arable land that is currently available. The all natural formulation of Agraburst increases yield without compromising future land use or raw resources. It is a truly sustainable, ethical and economic solution to the predicted increased demand"

Currently, field trials in SE Asia, Central and North America shows AgraBurst PRO™ enhances foliar efficiency, improves plant photosynthesis and augments the uptake of all key nutrients through foliage and root systems. By naturally intensifying the absorption of available water, sunlight and soil nutrients and accelerating cellular delivery, AgraBurst PRO™ significantly increases plant growth, resilience, health and yields while improving resistance to insects and disease. AgraBurst PRO™ is an all-natural, biodegradable, non-GMO, plant-based solution. Soon to be available under license, it can be used alone or tank mixed with fertilizers or herbicides. AgraBurst PRO™ efficiently enhances application delivery -- offering farm operators the ability to customize coverage and achieve significant cost savings - without compromising quality and yield.

When used as directed, AgraBurst PRO™ offers an innovative solution for plant remediation and stimulation of yields. Free of toxic or hazardous components and containing no hormones, heavy metals, pesticides, or carcinogens, the Company’s patent-pending product is usable in any soil or region, and are safe for all plants, humans and animals.

Global agribusiness, commercial agriculture, nursery, lawn & garden markets can look forward to quantifiable improvements and achievable new benchmarks for economic growth.