About GroGenesis

Headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in the heart of the US Farm Belt, GroGenesis is a sustainable agricultural services enterprise dedicated to providing farmers with organic and non-GMO solutions for food production.  The company's flagship product, AgraBurstPRO™, is a proprietary, all-natural, non-GMO nano-surfactant which:

  • enhances soil and crop health
  • optimizes the uptake of available nutrients incorporated in fertilizers
  • reduces the amount of fertilizer needed (and reducing input costs)
  • minimizes the health risk to farm workers
  • increases crop yields

The application of AgraBurst PRO™ can begin the process of improving the health of the soil while minimizing the use of conventional chemical agricultural inputs.  AgraBurstPRO™ is formulated for organic and non-GMO producers and those food growers seeking to transition to non-GMO and organic food production.

"Growing the Science of Organic & Non-GMO Yield Globally"

GroGenesis's exclusive organic blender, United Agricultural Service, Inc. (UAS) provides custom blending, warehousing and logistics for GroGenesis Inc. UAS’s 40,000 plus square foot facility located in Panasoffkee, Florida is strategically located one hour from the Orlando International Airport to facilitate rapid fulfillment of international orders. UAS supplies logistical support services to include warehousing and shipping throughout North America, Central America, South America, Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East, Oceania and the Caribbean.