March 21, 2016

To our valued shareholders, stakeholders, partners, employees and the public at large,
I’m extremely pleased to advise that over the past several months we have been quietly but diligently working and moving ahead towards a number of important achievements. Now, the time has come to publicly affirm that GroGenesis’s commitment to growing the science of organic and non-GMO sustainable agriculture is stronger than ever.
As part of our approach to the ongoing development of our novel flagship product “AgraBurst PRO,” we reviewed a number of factors including that in this age of environmentally safe, socially-conscious food production, the competition for revenues, markets and innovative agricultural sciences will intensify exponentially. Cost efficiencies and population growth are fueling the global expansion of food production, along with an increased desire for significantly less chemical input. Today, we recognize that those companies aiming for success must not only do no harm but they must also further exhibit leadership in actually finding new ways to do good things with their products and services.
As sustainable agricultural pioneers and experts in the field, GroGenesis is now positioned to be a source of expertise and solutions aimed at supporting food growers that are dedicated to organic and non-GMO protocols. Food producers clearly understand the paradigm shift of today’s consumer marketplace. Health conscious families are demanding transparency on ingredient labels and educating themselves on the options that are available to live better---by eating healthier. Therefore, we believe, every step of the food production supply chain must align itself to these growing demands or suffer dire consequences.
In recognition of these growing economic and societal changes, GroGenesis has restructured its leadership with an experienced, skilled and diverse Board of Directors committed to the success of the company. The Board consists of four independent directors alongside the President and CEO. Board members include Independent Directors Grant B. Walsh, David Colburn, Dr. Jerry Platt, and Brian Yale. Our executive team of Tyler MacKay, Chief Operating Officer; Neil Reithinger, Executive Vice President of Finance and myself are keenly focussed on identifying and building key relationships with global partners who hold the same vision and core values as the GroGenesis team.
Today, GroGenesis is in the fourth quarter of its fiscal year and has made tremendous progress in defining our vision as well as our company values and culture. We have reformulated our premium organic product so that it aligns with our values and mission to define and satisfy the new demand for more user friendly Premium Organic and Non-GMO products that achieve more by using less. We are streamlining our business framework utilizing IOT (internet of things) technology to increase profitability potential for both our strategic partners and our growers. And finally, GroGenesis has a baseline model for a comprehensive and aggressive business plan that will set the course for the near and long term achievement of its goals.
Significantly, we are also working with major shareholders to restructure the capitalization table so that it emphasizes our true market value.
I am very pleased by our progress to-date and delighted to share our latest and increasingly positive news with the public, our shareholders, strategic global partners, stakeholders and employees alike. I am also truly grateful for the ongoing confidence expressed in GroGenesis and in its future. In return, one of our primary goals is a promise to honor our commitments and to do good things in the world of sustainable agriculture.
We look forward to building a world class company anchored in sustainability and focused on expanding access to healthy food around the globe.
Thank you for your continued interest and support.
Best Regards,

Richard D. Kamolvathin
President and Chief Executive Officer


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