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GroGenesis Advises on AgraBurst Sugarcane Field Trials in Latin America

March 25, 2015

Company Documents Significant Increase in Yield and Sugar Content

SPRINGVILLE, TN--GroGenesis, Inc. (OTCBB: GROG) ("GroGenesis" or the "Company"), rights holders, developers and manufacturers of innovative plant health enhancement products, wishes to advise on its highly successful field trial results for commercial sugarcane crop enhancement in Guatemala.

In August of 2014 a large commercial sugarcane plantation in Guatemala made available an area of two-month old sugarcane of uniform size and variety in order for GroGenesis to demonstrate the effectiveness of its flagship AgraBurst plant growth enhancement product. The area, of uniform topography, was divided into two equal sections. One section received standard protocols (irrigation, fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, etc…) as scheduled by the plantation operations team. This traditionally managed sugarcane was identified as the control area, and the second section underwent the same treatment protocols with the sole addition of AgraBurst treatments as the only difference.

The first treatment of AgraBurst was executed in August of 2014 and a second treatment was conducted three months later in November. The results to-date are consistent with what was anticipated by the GroGenesis team, but were considered truly outstanding by the plantation operators. Both areas of the demonstration field were sampled in March, 2015 and comparative to the control area, the AgraBurst treated section measured an increase of 24.96% in height (+12' tall stalks versus +8' tall stalks). Plant stalk circumference also indicated an increase of 26.56% in girth (+4.5" circumference versus +3").

In addition, the treated area indicated a substantial increase of "tillering" (the process of underground branching from nodal joints of the primary shoot that determines the number of stalks that grow from each plant). In other words, more stalks translates into larger yields at harvest.

One particular aspect that aims to extend yield even further, and holds additional economic promise for the plantation owners, is the fact that sugar purity samples taken from the treated plants showed a marked increase of 2.8% to 87.8% purity over the untreated plants 84.1% sugar purity.

The Company reiterates that these noteworthy results have been documented after just 7 months and only two treatments of AgraBurst. The results of the trials were sufficient evidence for Sr. Rodolfo Pivaral, owner of the commercial sugarcane plantation where the demonstration is being conducted to publicly endorse the product. The plantation subsequently purchased additional supplies of AgraBurst in order to increase the scope to large-area wide scale testing, with the stated intent based on further successful outcomes, to move to plantation-scale treatment in the near future.

Mr. Joe Fewer, CEO of GroGenesis, states, "We have had great success to-date with virtually every crop we have tested. To the layman some numbers and percentage increases may seem small, but to the plantation operator where everything is based on scale and yield, these sorts of percentages are money in the bank. As a team that comes with a deep agricultural background and understanding of what it takes to achieve success in the industry, we know that what we offer has real meaning for the modern farmer. It takes serious science alongside gold standard environmental stewardship to deliver products that will interest a grower who relies on the health of his plants and soil to ensure his future. We aim to sell quality products and to partner with stakeholders committed to the future of agriculture. That's our mission and we are thrilled by the response from the industry professionals we have worked with to-date."

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About AgraBlast and AgraBurst
AgraBlast is a liquid broad-spectrum algaecide, fungicide and bactericide that works on contact and leaves behind no residue making it ideal for use in agricultural industries. AgraBlast provides disease protection against bacterial inoculums and fungal spores, including powdery and downy mildew. AgraBurst enhances efficient photosynthesis, stimulates higher plant sugar levels and boosts the uptake of water, minerals and key nutrients resulting in larger, healthier and more productive plants. Used as directed, these products provide control for organic and conventional growers of coffee plants, bananas, sugar cane, fruit trees, leafy vegetables, tomatoes, potatoes and many others. The products are also effective when used on sod, grasses, woody ornamentals, and more.

About GroGenesis, Inc. (OTCBB: GROG)
GroGenesis aims to become a leading producer of natural plant growth health technologies. The Company's 'AgraBurst' is neither a fertilizer nor herbicide. The product is a plant growth technology blended from processed extracts of natural plant materials that directly improves the positive effects of commercial fertilizers and available nutrients. GroGenesis latest product, "AgraBlast" is an eco-friendly, non-toxic alternative to synthetic fungicides. When used in combination, the Company offers an innovative solution for the control of plant pathogenic fungi and for plant remediation and stimulation of yields. Find out more

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