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GroGenesis Announces Product Development Aimed at Eradication of Fungal Disease in High Value Crops

January 26, 2015

SPRINGVILLE, TN--GroGenesis, Inc., (OTCBB: GROG) ("GroGenesis" or the "Company"), rights holders and manufacturers of innovative plant health enhancement products, is very pleased to advise of early stage success in the development of an all new product aimed at the treatment of persistent fungal diseases.

Subsequent to the successful launch of the Company's natural plant growth enhancement product "AgraBurst," the GroGenesis team was advised of a disease causing widespread decimation throughout the coffee growing regions of Central and South America as well as other growing regions around the world. "Coffee Roya" or coffee "rust" is a fungal disease that has been documented as reducing yields by up to 80% on affected farms in the region. The fungus has been identified as causing damage in the billions of dollars to the global coffee harvest on an annual basis.

In response, the Company reached out and received introductions to a number of regional industry officials and growers who provided significant data for analysis. GroGenesis management identified what it believed to be an immense opportunity should a solution be forthcoming. As a result, over the past year, the company undertook the research, development and preliminary field trials on a treatment that has to-date proven highly effective in noticeably diminishing the effects of Coffee Roya. Simply put, early trials have repeatedly shown visually noticeable positive effects within 24 to 48 hours of initial treatment and in most cases complete remediation of the affected plant within several weeks -- subject to ongoing treatments as necessary.

Developmentally, the GroGenesis product is considered organic which positions it favorably against all current fungicides which typically contain copper sulfates and other toxic salts which are environmentally persistent and harmful. In the opinion of the Company's science team, the GroGenesis product causes no harm to the environment (plant, soil water) with no residual or harmful components persisting after spraying. Conversely, all the degradation products are also highly beneficial to both soil and plant.

Mr. Joseph Fewer, GroGenesis CEO, states, "We acted quickly once we understood the magnitude of the disease. From our previous experience with our AgraBurst natural plant growth enhancement technology we were certain we could develop a product that could safely fight the rust fungus, and when used properly and in conjunction with AgraBurst, we believe we can return underperforming plantations to a level that will actually outstrip their historic yields. All early trials have met or exceeded our expectations and now we are turning to the task of protecting our IP, branding, initiating sales & marketing efforts as well as scaling production to meet industrial demands. Our product has so far shown an ability to successfully overcome any fungus we have treated, so our expectation is that this product could provide great value across a broad spectrum of the global plant growth industry. Additional information will be announced as soon as commercially practicable."

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