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GroGenesis Inc. and Curewel International Co. Ltd. Sign Definitive Distribution Agreement

October 9, 2017
Largest Distribution Expansion to Date Adds Four South East Asian Countries

Farmers are in dire need of a cost effective input that pays back the investment in multiples through higher yield.”

— Sandeep Majumdar, Chairman of Curewel International Co., Ltd.

SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA, USA, October 9, 2017 / -- SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA, USA, October 9, 2017 / GroGenesis, Inc. (OTCQB: GROG) (the “company”), a global sustainable pioneer in AgriTech™, and the producer of AgraBurstPRO™, an organic, non-GMO nano-surfactant and emulsifier for farmers, fertilizer manufacturers and commercial lawn and turf companies, announced today the signing in Phnom Penh, Cambodia of a major distribution agreement with Curewel International.

After the requisite due diligence on the part of both GroGenesis and Curewel International, including university field testing to confirm efficacy on soil health and validating crop yield increases, the Memorandum of Understanding agreement with Curewel announced July 25, 2017 has resulted in the two companies arriving at a definitive agreement for the distribution of AgraBurstPRO in the South East Asia region, specifically for the countries of Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

The signing ceremony with Curewel International and GroGenesis was conducted at a major media event on October 5 at the Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra with over 180 attendees including media representatives, rice producers, palm oil producers, fertilizer manufacturers, NGO representatives, bio-fuel producers, cash crop growers (jute, cassava etc.), fruit and vegetable growers, journalists and GroGenesis management.

Curewel and GroGenesis welcomed the Ambassadors to Cambodia from India, Myanmar, Vietnam and the United States to the well-attended conference. U.S. Ambassador William A. Heidt spoke about the macroeconomic agricultural issues facing Cambodia and the microeconomic contributions and solutions offered by GroGenesis.

Mr. H.E. Lao Sokharom, Secretary General of the Office of the Council of Ministers for Agriculture for Cambodia, introduced other Ministry of Agriculture colleagues who will work with GroGenesis to learn more about AgraBurstPRO and how the product can help Cambodia’s farmers. Mr. Sokharom emphasized that now is the time for Cambodia to be more aggressive in introducing healthy products.

Representatives from eight (8) South East Asia countries (Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam), two South American countries (Colombia and Peru) and one distributor from Switzerland participated to learn more about AgraBurstPRO and meet with the managements of GroGenesis and Curewel International.

Sandeep Majumdar, Chairman and Managing Director of Curewel International Co., Ltd. opened the event with an overview of Curewel followed by the introduction of Richard Kamolvathin, CEO and Chief Science Officer of GroGenesis. Mr. Kamolvathin delivered a presentation entitled “Accelerating GDP Growth through Agriculture.”

In the afternoon, a well attended technical forum was held on AgraBurstPRO™ followed by a Question and Answer forum to review the field testing results conducted on various crops and answer questions on the science and application protocols.
Mr. Majumdar, said, “We are very pleased to be signing on with GroGenesis as a distributor for AgraBurstPRO for Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. After working with the Master Distributor for GroGenesis on field testing to satisfy our own due diligence to introduce and distribute AgraBurstPRO to these four countries, we saw the remarkable results on crop yields and soil health when this exciting input was applied. Farmers are in dire need of a cost effective input that pays back the investment in multiples through higher yield. To get that increase in yield with an organic, all natural application that reduces chemical inputs is even more impressive”.
Mr. Majumdar continued, “I have a very real passion to make a significant difference in the agriculture of my country and the South East Asia region where so many people are engaged in growing food for their families and earning an income to buy necessities and discretionary consumer products. Any improvement in the return on investment in agriculture flows throughout every country's economy. We feel we can have a major impact on agriculture in South East Asia by working with GroGenesis to introduce AgraBurstPRO to regional farmers and farming enterprises.”

Mr. Richard Kamolvathin, President and CEO/CSO of GroGenesis, said, “GroGenesis is very fortunate to have this opportunity to support Curwel International in introducing AgraBurstPRO to South East Asia.. Mr. Sandeep is an incredible humanitarian businessman, who often talks of the ‘human touch’, with the vision and determination to help farmers increase income while also committing to restoring the balance in the soil.”

Kamolvathin concluded, "Farmers can now decide to rehabilitate their soil with a cost-efficient organic input and, at the same time, enjoy greater yields and higher returns on their crops. The opportunities to help farmers around the world transition from conventional chemical farming toward non-GMO and, ultimately organic, are in great need. Global food security will continue to be under stress and green science will continue to see increased demand. We look forward to working closely with Curewel International to introduce AgraBurstPRO to Cambodia and the rest of South East Asia.”

About Curewel International Co., Ltd. (

Based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Curewel International Company is a diversified business conglomerate with operations in Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Products, Construction Work Platforms, Batteries & Inverters, Agriculture, Mining, Fisheries, Real Estate and Orthocare products. With branch offices in Cambodia, Vietnam, Mauritius, Myanmar and Sri Lanka, Curewel International has built a reputation of offering innovative products and services to its clients in South East Asia.

About GroGenesis

Based in the USA, GroGenesis, Inc. is a sustainable services enterprise offering food producers a revolutionary, proprietary, all-natural, non-GMO nano-surfactant which enhances soil and crop health and reduces the health risk to farm workers due to its non-toxic properties. GroGenesis' flagship product, AgraBurstPRO™, is a non-toxic concentated solution agricultural input which enhances the ability of the plant to more efficiently use the added nutrients incorporated in fertilizers resulting in less fertilizer required.

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