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GroGenesis, Inc. Expands AgraBurst PRO(TM) Distribution Network to Bangladesh

September 5, 2017
SIOUX FALLS, SD--(Marketwired - Sep 5, 2017) - GroGenesis, Inc. ( OTCQB : GROG ) (the "Company"), a global sustainable solutions company and producer of AgraBurst PRO™, an organic, non-GMO, broad spectrum nano-surfactant nutrient emulsifier for growers, fertilizer manufacturers and commercial lawn and turf companies, announced today the signing of an exclusive license and distribution agreement with JAK International headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

AgraBurst PRO™ is a specialized, proprietary, organic, non-ionic (neutral charge) formulation of the highest quality, purified food-grade ingredients incorporating activated carbon source organic matter with beneficial soil health and plant stimulant properties. By incorporating the use of AgraBurst PRO™ in farming protocols, fertilizer efficiency is dramatically increased and, concurrently, pesticide use has been shown to be reduced by the product's ability to repair and enhance the plant's immune system. AgraBurst PRO™ is added to a grower's spray solution and improves the delivery and absorption activity in both the soil and the plant tissue. University supervised testing on rice in Bangladesh has recorded yield increases ranging from 15% to 30% on various indigenous seasonal rice hybrid strains.

Mr. Jahangir Ali, CEO of JAK International, said, "We are incredibly excited to be named as the exclusive distributor of AgraBurst PRO™. It is always a farmer's challenge to increase their crop yields while holding production costs down. JAK International believes in a non-GMO and organic approach to agricultural input, thereby creating opportunities to grow nutritious and healthy foods while reducing the quantity of chemical fertilizer and toxic pesticide inputs in agriculture."

Mr. Ali continued, "After conducting initial field tests with AgraBurst PRO™ and seeing the very promising results in healthier plants and increases in crop yield of 15%-40%, we felt compelled to introduce this all-natural product to our sub distributors and farmers in Bangladesh. AgraBurst PRO™ has the very real potential to significantly impact the agriculture output and ensure food security for our country. We have worked diligently with both farmers and universities to record field tests and results to ensure that there is a scientific baseline for market expansion into other crops. AgraBurst PRO™ is exceeding our performance expectations on many levels."

Richard Kamolvathin, CEO/CSO of GroGenesis, commented, "GroGenesis is honored to welcome JAK International to our growing AgraBurst PRO™ international distribution network. Mr. Ali and his team at JAK have done a tremendous job of identifying a target market, as well as a realistic and comprehensive execution plan that allows us to improve our projections for future revenue in our business model. There is a very real need for nutritious, premium, organic food production in Bangladesh. Tremendous opportunities exist to help farmers transition from conventional farming toward the more environmentally friendly, economically viable premium food markets of non-GMO and organic production.

"We look forward to working closely with JAK International in introducing AgraBurst PRO™ to the Bangladeshi agricultural market and making a very tangible difference in the incomes of the families of farmers and the health of our planet."

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About JAK International

Founded in 1995, JAK International has developed into a global enterprise with overseas representative offices in Thailand, Myanmar and Canada. JAK International is a diversified trading company with interests in agriculture, industrial plant machinery, medical diagnostic technology, solar energy systems, aquaculture, jute fiber products and garment manufacturing. Corporate e-mail: [email protected].

About GroGenesis, Inc.

Headquartered in the heart of the US Farm Belt, Sioux Falls, South Dakota-based GroGenesis is an agricultural services enterprise offering food producers a broad spectrum, proprietary, all-natural, non-GMO nano-surfactant which enhances soil and crop health and reduces the health risk to farm workers (due to its non-toxic properties). The company's flagship product, AgraBurst PRO™, is an organic agricultural input which optimizes the plant's uptake of nutrients incorporated in fertilizers and reducing fertilizer input requirements. The application of AgraBurst PRO™ can begin the process of improving the health of the soil while minimizing the use of conventional chemical agricultural inputs. The Company has conducted field testing and is currently distributing AgraBurst PRO™ in South East Asia, Columbia and throughout the Caribbean.