A Premium Organic, Non-GMO, Broad Spectrum Nano-Surfactant Agricultural Input Enhancing Soil Health and Increasing Crop Yields


Any Soil, Any Region, Any Crop

AgraBurst PRO is a revolutionary, proprietary, all-natural, Organic, Non-GMO Broad Spectrum Nano Surfactant agriculture input which enhances the ability of the plant to more efficiently use the added nutrients incorporated in fertilizers resulting in less fertilizer required. The product improves the natural health of all plants --including crops, trees, vegetables and grasses—by dramatically stimulating the nutrient and water uptake in plants.
The solution is a plant-based extract which    is organic, non-toxic, non-GMO, carcinogen-free, biodegradable and safe for  use  in all soil conditions. Its application amplifies the plant's natural capacity to absorb nutrients through its own foliage while augmenting root development and soil uptake. AgraBurst PRO facilitates the rapid nutrient transport at the cellular level, resulting in improved photosynthesis and increased absorption of the primary keys to growth: water, sugars, and minerals. 

The product is an all-natural enhanced conduit for the direct absorption of water and nutrients through plant foliage. This mechanism of action translates into more efficient absorption of fertilizer with the cost savings benefit of less fertilizer required. AgraBurstPRO is a ion exchange delivery formula that moves NPK nutrients and trace elements by reducing surface tension and viscosity in plant sugar creating a natural pathway to transport nutrients and sugars through leaf, stems and roots with minimal energy. 
By applying the product, the natural surfactant properties of foliage are increased, enabling more rapid and more efficient absorption of light, water and nutrients at the cellular level. Studies show that application of the product raises plant sugar levels, effectively transport nutrients photo- synthetically to leaf cells and roots, improves insect resistance, facilitates absorption, improves drought resistance and produces faster growing, more uniform crop stands with larger  root systems. There also is a natural pesticide component in the formulation.
Significant Increases in Yields Recorded in Field Testing
AgraBurstPRO has been introduced to the commercial agriculture sector around the world including South East Asia, Central and South America. Field test  results have recorded significant increases in crop yields, enhanced plant health and dramatically improved farm economics. The increases in production have ranged from 15% to 40%, depending upon the crop and soil conditions. Field testing has confirmed:

  • shorter plant germination time
  • increased plant growth
  • improved disease and drought resistance
  • higher crop yields

AgraBurstPRO is a colloid, not a dissolved solution. It is the chassis, or the physical action, required to improve nutrient mobility in crops by dramatically reducing the surface tension of water, facilitating absorption.

  • AgraBurstPRO works primarily as a nutrient and moisture pathway inside the crop's xylem and phloem circulation system. 
  • The significant benefit of AgraBurstPRO is its ability to increase plants natural sugar production and effectively transport nutrients photosynthetically to leaf cells and roots. 
  • AgraBurstPRO is a cost-efficient way to deliver proprietary plant technology to plant, soil or seed. 
  • GroGenesis utilizes only the highest food grade ingredients and assures quality and consistency control through its relationship with a US-based certified organic blender.

Free of toxic or hazardous components, and containing no hormones, heavy metals, pesticides, or carcinogens, AgraBurstPRO™ is suitable for use in any soil or region, and is safe for all plants, humans and animals.