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GroGenesis is a leader in all-natural plant growth enhancement technology that improves crop yields without employing toxins…

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AgraBurst™ See the Difference

Significant increases in plant health, growth and yields resulting from AgraBurst™ applications...

Our Markets

Our Markets

Available under license, participating agri-partners can provide safe, effective solutions to boost commercial farm production...


GroGenesis Inc. (GROG) aims to position itself as a leading producer of natural plant health enhancement technologies. The Company’s patent-pending AgraBurst PRO™ product dramatically stimulates nutrient and water uptake in plants. It’s a plant-based extract that is non-toxic, non-GMO, carcinogen-free, biodegradable and safe for use in all soil conditions.

Unlike fertilizers, AgraBurst PRO™ amplifies the plant's natural capacity to absorb nutrients through its own foliage while augmenting root development and soil uptake. AgraBurst PRO™ speeds nutrient transport at the cellular level, resulting in improved photosynthesis and increased absorption of the primary keys to growth: water, sugars, and minerals.

 AgraBurst PRO™ introduced to commercial agricultural applications...


Significant increases in yields, plant health and economics


AgraBurst PRO™

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