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GroGenesis Announces Sadru Habib as Managing Director in Southeast Asia for Distribution of Organic Agricultural Input, AgraBurst PRO™

August 8, 2017
Revolutionary Agricultural Techology Application Contributes to Food Security and Healthy Farming Environment

SIOUX FALLS, SD--(Aug 8, 2017) - GroGenesis, Inc. (OTCQB: GROG) (the "Company"), a global sustainable agriculture company and producer of AgraBurst PRO™, an organic, non-GMO agricultural input for growers' crops including fruit, vegetables, palm and rice, announced Mr. Sadru Habib as Managing Director for GroGenesis, Inc. for countries in the Southeast Asia region including Bangladesh, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

Field testing with AgraBurst PRO™ in Southeast Asia on crops such as sugar cane, oil seeds, palm, jute, potatoes, wheat, beans, corn, pineapple and bananas has recorded yield increases from healthier plants with robust root systems, as well as improved balance on microbial life in the soil. As an organic input, AgraBurst PRO™ contributes to the rehabilitation of the farm soil, while at the same time encapsulating essential micro-nutrients for more effective delivery to the plant. Field studies in Southeast Asia, Central and South America have demonstrated shorter plant germination time, increased growth rates, improved disease resistance, improved soil condition, better water retention and premium quality yield.

Mr. Sadru Habib, Managing Director for GroGenesis in Southeast Asia, said, "We have been working with distributors and farmers in field testing AgraBurst PRO on a multitude of crops in a number of Southeast Asian countries over the past two years. With our partners, we are pleased to announce our validated successes in protocols for each specific crop and have confirmed the reports of substantial increases in crop yield and lower input costs. It is apparent to us that AgraBurst PRO™ will have a significant impact on the agricultural practices throughout Southeast Asia. It is my personal commitment to offer cost effective alternatives that help farmers in the region produce food that is not oversaturated with toxic chemicals."

Mr. Richard Kamolvathin, CEO and Chief Science Officer of GroGenesis, Inc., said, "The momentum we have been experiencing in expanding market share and signing on distributors who have performed their due diligence on the value of AgraBurst PRO™ has been exciting to see over the past few months. As a company with the passion to help farmers transition towards healthy farming best practices that result in increased food security for nutrition-deficient emerging markets, GroGenesis is fulfilling its corporate mission of Growing the Science of Organic and Non-GMO Yield Globally."

Mr. Kamolvathin concluded, "We look forward to expanding our distribution network after additional distributors complete their own field testing of AgraBurst PRO™ in their specific regions of the world."

About AgraBurst PRO™

AgraBurst PRO™ is a proprietary, all-natural, non-GMO agricultural input which improves the ability of the plant (ie. crops, turf/grasses, trees and grape vines) to efficiently access applied nutrients incorporated in fertilizers, resulting in less fertilizer required, improved water retention in the soil (thereby increasing drought tolerance) and increasing yields and farmer's income. By optimizing the plant's uptake of applied pest and weed controls and fertilizers, food producers and groundskeepers can minimize other input costs, reduce the health risk to workers and, in the case of crops, produce healthy food for consumers. AgraBurst PRO™ is formulated for organic and non-GMO producers and those food growers seeking to convert to non-GMO and organic food production. AgraBurst PRO™ also provides turf maintenance companies servicing homeowners, resorts, parks and golf courses with an organic input to improve the health and appearance of lawns and landscapes.

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About GroGenesis, Inc.

GroGenesis is an agricultural services enterprise offering food producers and groundskeepers a proprietary, organic, non-GMO nano-surfactant which enhances soil and crop health and reduces the health risk to farm workers and consumers due to its non-toxic properties. GroGenesis' flagship product, AgraBurst PRO™, is an all-natural, organic, non-GMO agricultural input which enhances the ability of the plant to more efficiently use the added nutrients incorporated in fertilizers, which results in less fertilizer required. The application of AgraBurst PRO™ can begin the process of improving the health of the soil while minimizing the use of conventional chemical agricultural inputs. For more information, please visit the Company's website at

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