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GroGenesis, Inc. Releases CEO Letter to Shareholders

December 20, 2016

Sustainable Solutions Company Issues Update on Company's Progress and Business Plans for 2017

SIOUX FALLS, SD - December 20, 2016 - GroGenesis, Inc. (OTCQB: GROG) (the "Company"), a global sustainable solutions company and producer of AgraBurst PRO™, an organic, non-GMO nano-surfactant for growers, fertilizer manufacturers and commercial lawn and turf companies, released a letter to shareholders from Mr. Richard Kamolvathin, President and CEO of GroGenesis, Inc., to report on the Company's progress in 2016 and business plans for 2017.

The open letter to shareholders is issued in its entirety below:

Dear GroGenesis Shareholders,
As we approach the end of 2016, I feel an overview of our challenges, our achievements during 2016 and our business plans and goals for 2017 would be welcomed by our current and future shareholders. We have had a challenging year of reformulating and improving our organic flagship product, AgraBurst, now known as AgraBurst PRO™, executing our first phase of our business plan by developing a qualified distribution network and establishing a firm foundation for building revenue, achieving profitability and increasing shareholder value.

Building Shareholder Value
The Board of Directors, the management team and I take our fiduciary responsibility to our shareholders very seriously. An integral part of providing a healthy investment return for our shareholders has been reducing the amount of common shares outstanding by over 20 million shares and obtaining a three-year lockup of shares held by a significant investor to minimize the amount of shares in the public float.

In the past sixty days, your Company has announced distributorships for AgraBurst PRO™ in the Caribbean (including Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Belize among others), Myanmar (also known as Burma) and Columbia. A quick review of a global map will reveal our plans to identify and sign sales and marketing agreements with regional agricultural distributors such as Central and South America, the Caribbean and Southeast Asia. Shareholders should expect announcements of regional U.S. and Canadian distributors in the near future.

As part of our development of our distributor network, we have field tested AgraBurst PRO™ on a number of crops and achieved better than expected results. It has been on the strength of these yield improvements that we have been able to attract distributors that we have a high degree of confidence in impacting their local agricultural markets.

The management of GroGenesis is committed to building a company that is diversified by hemisphere to minimize seasonality issues and by sourcing advanced technology solutions that bring value to the sustainable agriculture sector as evidenced by our October 20th announcement of establishing a subsidiary for water remediation and sanitation technology. Again, this strategic move illustrates our commitment to diversify our revenue sources to include sustainable solutions for agriculture. As any farmer can attest, agricultural inputs are necessary, but good clean water is essential for the healthy production of food. To this end, GroGenesis has entered a rapidly growing marketplace of wastewater remediation and sanitation for agriculture by keeping true to our business model of minimizing general expenses by developing strategic partnerships with companies that share the GroGenesis vision of being a non-GMO and organic solutions partner for growers worldwide.

Looking Forward to 2017
GroGenesis is poised to begin recognizing revenue from initial sales of the aforementioned distributors and continuing the announcements of additional distributors. As we add to our network, shareholders should be advised that GroGenesis's business model is to grow rapidly with a strict adherence to minimizing fixed overhead costs and maximizing the benefits of cash flow management. All our distributors are independent and are compensated only after product is shipped and orders are paid in full. Our US-based exclusive organic blender, United Agricultural Services, Inc., provides us with product blending, shipping and logistical support services on an "as needed" basis. In addition, our water remediation technology strategic partner, Eco Squared Solutions and EcoWater Solutions, is responsible for technology implementation, system training and on site servicing. Our business structure and strategy is geared to arriving at overall profitability as quickly as possible.

In closing, GroGenesis is committed to helping farmers improve the health of their farms' soil, increasing crop yields, reducing chemical input in addition to overall production costs, providing a mobile sustainable water remediation solution and increasing topline revenue while providing healthier food to consumers.

I would like to thank all our shareholders for their patience and look forward to a 2017 marked by increasing revenue eventual profitability.

Happy Holidays,
Richard Kamolvathin
President and CEO
GroGenesis, Inc.

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About GroGenesis, Inc.
Headquartered in the heart of the US Farm Belt, Sioux Falls, South Dakota-based GroGenesis is an agricultural services enterprise offering food producers a revolutionary, proprietary, all-natural, non-GMO nano-surfactant which enhances soil and crop health and reduces the health risk to farm workers due to its non-toxic properties. GroGenesis' flagship product, AgraBurst PRO™, is an all-natural, organic, non-GMO agricultural input which enhances the ability of the plant to more efficiently use the added nutrients incorporated in fertilizers, which results in less fertilizer required. The application of AgraBurst PRO™ can begin the process of improving the health of the soil while minimizing the use of conventional chemical agricultural inputs. Through a subsidiary, American Water Sanitation, the company offers sustainable, proprietary solutions to water remediation and wastewater treatment for toxic run-off in agriculture, fracking recovery ponds and algae blooms in lakes, reservoirs and ponds. For more information, please visit the Company's website at

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